Friday, May 3, 2013

April Digits

Coming from my running background, these numbers just boggle my mind.

April Totals - Peak IM training

Swimming - 14 miles in 9:20

Biking - 491 miles in 26:52

Running - 108 miles in 18:04 (makes me wonder about that sub 24 H 100 miler in 2014...)

Total Mileage:  616 miles  Total Time:  55:03

This does not include the yoga and core fitness each week.

Now I understand why I am seeing such a physical transformation of myself.  I'm grateful that I have been injury-free thus far.  I know that if these were all running miles, well, I wouldn't be feeling this good.

Not feeling worried, just feeling ready.


  1. What a great feeling - to feel ready. Go for it Karen. You have been blessed with solid training, a sharp mind and a body that is fearfully a wonderfully made. God be with you as you seek to glorify Him in this journey.

  2. That is one heck of an awesome month you've put together there. All of that cross-training has done well for you. You've gotten yourself primed for a great day on May 18th.

  3. Your progress and watching your transformation boggles my mind-in a good way! 5/18 will be special, no doubt!

    Keep up the great perspective:)

  4. Keep your eyes on the prize, lady! Go do great things!