Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Me

My name on the internet is K.  Friends and family refer to me as Karen.  I am blessed to be a "stay-at-home", Catholic, homeschooling, running, swimming and biking wife and mom who is hardly ever at home!  My husband and I have 6 wonderful children and 2 even more amazing grandchildren!   We have been homeschooling since 1999 and I have been running since 9/16/2006.  This blog is a blend of my life as a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and child of God.

I dedicate this blog to the memory of my Mom, Lynne, whom was one of the first inspirations to become healthy, Hans, who was the catalyst to running my first 5K,to Kelly who was a dear friend and one of the strongest women I have ever known, and to my family who are the biggest cheerleaders and most awesome crew anyone could hope to have. 

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