Saturday, March 24, 2012


Not sure what is more frustrating, having an injury directly related to running that prevents me from running or having an injury that has nothing to do with running that won't allow me to do much of anything.   Pretty sure it is the latter.  And to add insult to injury, the best weather of the entire year is currently upon us and I am sitting on the sidelines.  Kind of.

My times of injury or illness allow for me to catch up on other things around the house, such as cleaning, re-organizing, decluttering, gardening, etc.  All those things that go by the wayside when I'm heavy into training.  I'll admit it, I even forgo grocery shopping some weeks because I have too much to fit in on any given day.

This week has been a real challenge to me with not being able to do much in the way of training.  I find it very strange that although I am really missing running, even more, I miss swimming!  I can't even wrap my head around that.  Swimming is not something I do to "train", rather, it is something I do to "relax" or "stretch out" from the miles and miles of running I put on my body.  A year ago, I was fearful of swimming and did everything I could to avoid the activity.  Now, I long for it.

So, no running, no swimming, no push ups, no pull ups, no dips, no upper body strengthening, no yoga.  I am determined to find something I can do.  I try spinning in the gym and it goes OK.  30 mins twice this week and I didn't die.  I didn't find much excitement in it, but it was something and in a week with no running, I have 24 miles on the books.  I like that.

I have been doing lunges and squats without weights.  I meant to try the stair climber, but I just can't bring myself to do it.  Maybe later today.

I have also been attacking several of the closets and cupboards in the home.  One such cupboard is my "Tupperware" cupboard.  I honestly have about 3 pieces of Tupperware, so why I call it this, I have no idea.  I suppose it sounds better than "my Gladware cupboard."   Tupperware.  What a strange word.  Say it a few times.  Go ahead.  Weird.  Isn't it.  Did someone named Tupper create the stuff?

Before.  The bane of my existence, second only to my garage.
This cupboard is my horrible little secret.  I don't show just anyone this stuff.  People might judge me.  But I trust all of you.  That much.  Boo and I got to work on this mess one night after dinner.  He helped  to get rid of anything that didn't have a matching lid or was unnecessary.  We even recycled the items we culled from the pile.
After.  Taking bets on how long this lasts.
I have decided that there are a few things in my life that reflect my current mental state.  This cupboard is one of those things. My purse is the other, as is the piles of laundry awaiting folding and hanging.  If any of these areas are a mess, I can guarantee I am too busy.  I am going to attempt to use my newly organized cabinet as a barometer of my state in life.  Is that enough to commit me?

Several other areas in the house have been attacked with force, I just did not, (fortunately for you, my dear readers), think to take pictures before and after. 

I've been feeling pretty happy with my household accomplishments and then had a nice reality check this morning....

The dogs even gave up after about 15 minutes of straight feast time.  The drawer on the left was pulled open by Fish mid-way through clean up and broken, but not enough to clean out the Lentils that are under said drawer.  24 hours later, I am still avoiding the complete dismantling of my refrigerator to clean it all up and instead I am vying for a new refrigerator.  I mean seriously, who can live with a broken vegetable drawer?!

I hope these ribs heal soon.


  1. I've enjoyed seeing you expand as an athlete with swimming, spinning and whatever else is to come. I hope you will find that this period, while frustrating right now, ultimately serves as the rest your body needs to springboard to the next level.
    This too shall pass......

  2. too! Funny how swimming gets a bad rap with runners, but I too quite enjoy it.

    It's difficult now, but you'll look back at the improvements made on the home front, and your time was well-spent.

    Even though, I'll be honest because I know... it sucks not running!! Heal soon!!

  3. I wish I enjoyed swimming, I have been cleared to go back to the pool. I guess I enjoy it once I'm there, but it seems like such a chore to get to the pool. Then you have to shower, re-do hair, make-up, etc.