Monday, July 7, 2014

The Thoughts of a Running Mystic

I set out for an 8 miler in my mind today.  Decided to try and track some of my thoughts each mile for some amusement.  At least it got a blog post out of me!

Mile 0-1:  I FEEL GREAT!!!  It's not too's actually quite pleasant, at least in the shade.  Stay in the shade.  I think I will run 10 miles, maybe even 12!  I will pass Jim up in no time!!  

Mile 1-2:  My toe is starting to hurt.  Keep the focus on the breath.  Listening to Rich Mullins.  His music is so fantastic.  

Mile 2-3:  Wow!  It's HOT!  I'm sweating a ton!  I need to walk a bit...30 seconds.  OK...wipe the sweat off...It's hot.  really hot...did I mention how hot it is?  Jim who?  Jessica who?  What challenge?  Maybe I will turn this into a run for time instead of distance.  I can run 30 minutes and turn around.  That would be ok.  I mean, I'd be over 6 miles in an hour.  That's ok by me. Dang it's hot.  I love this song....

Mile 3-4:   I'm at 25 minutes.  Surely I can make it 8 miles today.  I will decide at the corner.  If I want to cut it short, I will take the short way home.  Rich Mullins can really grab the essence of God, can't he?  Maybe another short walk break. minute of walking-GO.  If I cut the run short, I will get home to start the laundry that much faster.  Decision made, I am NOT cutting the run short.  I will run 8 miles and then do the laundry after lunch.  

Mile 4-5:  Can't turn back now!  Heading home the long way.  Look at that pool...Forget the laundry, we are going to the POOL when I get home!  I mean, it is HOT!   I love the lyrics to this song.  Lord, I know that you love me, but sometimes, I feel so far away.  It doesn't take more than an instant for me to become aware of your presence that I recall your love and mercy.  You forgive me once and forever.  All of my sin and shame are forgiven.  Yes, even those. Thank you, Lord.  

Mile 5-6:  How would I describe my spirituality?  I am drawn to the Franciscan life.  A life of quiet simplicity, a life of gospel love, a life lived that is not of my own design.  I am also drawn to the Ignatian interior life.  Finding God in each moment of every day; in each person I meet along the way.  I am so blessed.  I want a BLT.  Wave hello to that lady and smile.  I might be the only person she meets today with a smile. 

Mile 6-7:  (Bathroom stop)  I hope that there aren't any horseflies in there today.  I despise flies.  I hate horseflies.  OK, Lord, show me where you are in the horsefly.  What is their purpose?  I don't think that they have one.  Running past the dog dogs out there today.  TOO HOT!  Poor Rosie, she wanted to run.  It's too warm.  I am too tired to take her out.  Maybe tonight when it cools down.  Oh, wait, I can't go tonight...I am picking up the Missionaries!!!  Foo is coming home from Haiti!!  Praise God!!  I can't wait for that BLT!!!  I am so glad Jim and Jessica encouraged me in this challenge...I love those guys!  We are a team.  A team in Christ!  Holding hands and running towards that finish line!  Jim can get that cake! 

Mile 7-8:  I am feeling good right now!  Everything feels right...even the sweat.  Thank you Lord for a glorious run, for time with you, for all that you bring me to, I love you!  I wonder if I can get Lem to start on the bacon while I shower...

Mile 8-home:  Switched to Third Day and sang King of Glory!  

Home:  Rosie is waiting...headed back out the door for a Rosie mile.  She loves this.  I love that we can do this together.  Wouldn't this whole experience be a ridiculous blog entry?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Project 20:14 Hurry Up and Wait 11

June was rife with bumps in the road, more than the usual number of bumps that is.  We lost two very dear family members, our oldest dogs, within weeks of one another.  I also seemed to have quite a lot of meetings that I needed to attend.  My "oldest-still-at-home" was gone for two weeks with camps which meant a lot of creative scheduling for the activities of the home.

Our son was in the throws of swim team season and while this was tons of fun, it did take away from our available "de-owning" time.  

I did start and finish the boys' room as I eluded to in my previous post.  Here are a few shots of the progress.
Mid Clean Out

Typically what the room looked like

"The bed IS made, Mom!"
After the initial clean out, we felt it looked pretty good, but we were ready to make some changes.

We chose a color scheme and spent a good week painting.  The hardest part was covering the trim which had previously been a blue color.  NEVER PAINT TRIM ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHITE!  

The boys are much happier in their room and in the month that it has been cleaned out, I can honestly say, they have been able to maintain it's order because there is so much less in it!  An added bonus is that they actually play with the few toys, (hot wheels and legos) that remain and read the few books that were their favorites.

Its not magazine perfect, but it works perfectly for them!

I am now in the throws of my master bedroom and closet.  It is a struggle.  I find I am not motivated because it is so daunting a task.  I think part of the de-motivation is seeing the areas that I have decluttered just a few short weeks ago, mainly my kitchen, quickly fill with odds and ends from well-intentioned folks returning plastic ware that was never mine to the souveniers from VBS and other summer programs that society feels MUST accompany everyone home.  Speaks  to the fact that the "experience" itself isn't enough...we just have to have "stuff" to validate the memory.  How a water bottle confirms spending a week in deep prayer and contemplation, I'll never know....

So, as I blog this post, I can admit, I am procrastinating working in my bedroom.  I did get a good start on my closet.  I have just lost steam.  I am getting things done, just not as rapidly as I had hoped.  And today, I bought more clothing.  I am determined to remove  several pieces from the existing clothing pile (which I did cull through quite mercilessly two weeks ago) to make room for the new pieces.

It's not all fun and games de-owning things, but I have no doubt that the less I have, the more freedom I will experience and the easier it will become to let go of even more.