Friday, October 7, 2011

Rest, then Taper

It makes an excellent standing aid.

I had to take a few extra days of rest last week due to a very sore left ankle and some continued respiratory junk left over from the week before.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was fully prepared to take on my low mileage taper week and not complain about how low the miles would be.  Strangely, as I began to run, I felt a twinge in the RIGHT ankle.  I cut that run short and took the cue to ice it and administer Advil.

Tuesday, I swam and ran a few on the treadmill and it seemed better, but not great.  Waking up Wednesday, I was limping pretty badly.  Darn those rest days!  A few days off and I start to fall apart.
I've been donning "the boot" again and complaining the whole time.  I hate that thing.  Trying to rest the Achilles so it is ready for next week.  I haven't run since Tuesday and I'm a nut job.

100 push ups yesterday.  125 today.  More tomorrow, I'm sure.  Still doesn't take the edge off.  Just leaves me with really sore shoulders.

May go swim or row tonight.  Hoping all of this fades away just as quickly as it showed up.  The apocalypse in my head is spinning out of control.

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