Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update to the Vega Experiment

A brief update to anyone who might be following this little rabbit trail of my life...

I am currently on Day 9 of the Vega Experiment and I am quite impressed with the results I have seen thus far.  I don't want to cast aside my somewhat skeptical approach to this, but I have not had anything but good things going on since starting this product.


I really enjoy the taste of the Vanilla Chai.  Some of my children don't like the flavor, so I may order the next batch in one of the other flavors, Chocolate, Berry, or Natural.  We have been making smoothies incorporating berries of various sorts, mangoes, bananas, and shhhhhh....Kale.  Don't tell my kids.

I am glad to not have to remember to take my supplements.  Knowing that they are all inclusive in the protein powder makes my life easier.

I am drinking far less coffee and really, I am only drinking it out of habit.  I like a warm cup O joe in the morning.  I am not reaching for multiple cups with little return.  I have yet to experience a "crash" that I typically have between 3 and 5 pm.  I have energy all day when I usually feel tired and ready for a nap.  I haven't even thought of a nap this week.  My middle of the day snacking is minimal as I feel full until lunch time, then eat a nice green salad and/or bowl of quinoa for lunch.  I have little need for anything until dinner, except maybe a piece of fruit or two.  I have not really craved any chips, my addiction for the past few months.

I have had the energy to get out on my runs even though my sleeping has been somewhat inconsistent since we are watching our wonderful little grandbaby this week.  I wake up refreshed and earlier than I had been previously.

I have not had any issues with restless legs or insomnia.  This is a miracle in and of itself.

And finally, I have lost 4 pounds.  I have lost the bloated nasty feeling around my mid-section.  This is also amazing to me as I have been trying to lose this for 2 years with little to no luck no matter how many ab ripper sessions I do.  I have also cut wheat out as I believe I have a gluten intolerance and soy is down a lot as I have been reading more and more about the estrogen levels in soy.


I still don't like the price, but I am willing to work it into the grocery budget if I continue to do well on this.

I had a small bout of eczema on my eyelids this week which was not unexpected, but still unpleasant.  Brazier's website does talk about the effects of the Chlorella and how it can cause things like this to happen as your system is cleansed.  The eczema has almost disappeared now.

I recommend that even those of you who are not interested in a plant-based diet to at least go through Brendan's Thrive in 30 lessons.  They are very informative, especially for those beginning in their quest for the right nutrition plan for themselves, and best of all, they are free!

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