Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reflections on Dad

I've had some rumblings of post ideas in my mind for several weeks, yet I have not really been able to piece anything together worthy of publishing.  Not sure that this will qualify either, but it is what it is.

The new year has started in full swing.  I have so very much to be thankful for and so many blessings in my life and still, I am sidelined at times by such sadness.

About 2 weeks ago, as I was driving the kids to our weekly co-op classes, I noticed a marquee on a local business that said, very simply, "Call your Dad".

This business is a storage facility that happens to profess their Christianity rather boldly on their sign, and I am always captured at how random the message appears to be, yet, dead on what I need to hear.

Since just before Christmas, my dad has not been well.  He is a typical guy that is stubborn and hard-headed, and one of those that has never been sick or in a hospital.  Apparently all of that changed a few weeks ago when he asked my step-mom to call 911.  He was in terrible pain and could not walk.  Turns out he had fractured a vertebrae in his lumbar region and required surgery to repair it.
He is still not well, but he is at home recovering.  I have been making a point to "call my dad" more often.

Several friends of mine have had bad news with regards to their dads.  One friend lost her dad last Saturday, rather unexpectedly.  Another friend lost his dad this week.  It wasn't unexpected, but nevertheless, very sad. 
And again, another friend is now dealing with the illness of his father and preparing to walk the journey to his final resting place with him.

Coincidence that I read, "Call your Dad"?  Probably not.  The message is an earthly one, but ultimately, it is a Heavenly one as well.  We must call on Our Father more.

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