Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Reading an email from a friend today which came complete with pictures of his garage gym and then seeing Jamoosh's post about marathon widows, my framework for the day somewhat changed. How much of my running/fitness life has invaded my home, my family?

As I got down on the floor for a round of ab work, I glanced over to see this in one corner of my bedroom.

Lovingly stacked next to some books I need to sort through is a new pair of Brooks, still in their box and my push up bars.

Looking to the left from the same position on the floor, I noticed my hand weights under the bureau.

My side of the bed, a running log or two are tucked away for those late night calculations. Typically there are a large stack of books, most of which are running related, however, I recently placed them into my library, aka bookshelves in the closet.

The Music/lego room, which is currently suffering from a long, overdue cleaning, I have strategically placed my resistance bands, pull up bar and treadmill.

The cedar chest which holds tablecloths and other such linens is also the home for one of my yoga mats for use during the Jillian Michaels or P90X sessions.

Even the Suburban is not safe from the invasion. In it I have stowed away my swimming gear and gym bag, "just in case".

There are other locations throughout the house that have been taken over by fitness stuff. Master closet, Mud Room, drawers, shelves, etc. I try to be mindful of having my house look like a home, which is probably why things are tucked away everywhere. My home is also my office. It is our school. It is our domestic church. I try to reflect that most of the time.

Currently, I am in the thick of heavy training and my home does reflect this with disorganization, clutter, and chores left undone. This scenario causes me strife quite often as I do like a clean, clutter-free and organized home, but I can't train, work, plan school, and keep things spot on around here. Thankfully, my family not only understands me, they are very helpful.

I do long to have a nice garage gym and have made efforts to get it to the point that I can use it exclusively as such. Maybe this time next year, the transformation will be complete and my family can enjoy a fitness equipment free environment. But then again, there are worse thinks one could have laying around the house.


  1. That looks familiar. When my wife and I lived in a condo I had dumbells stashed under the couch and my foam roller and pull-up bar hidden behind it.

    Makes me thankful for our new home with a bonus room where I can have all my fitness equipment in plains sight!

  2. That seems right. Stuff everywhere. I have double of some things just so I don't forget it.