Thursday, December 2, 2010


I thought I had dodged the illness from the first week of training, but alas, I did not.
I had the chance to run the Thanksgiving day race with a friend. We decided to not go for any PRs but rather to just enjoy the day. Honestly, there are so many people that unless you start at the front of the pack, weaving through the rows and rows of people make a PR very difficult to achieve. I am certainly not fast enough to start at the front of the pack, so hence, my decision to hang back and enjoy a fun run with 5000 of my friends and neighbors.
After the race, almost instantly, I started sneezing and feeling chilled. I got home, started the Turkey for dinner and proceeded to spiral downward into a cesspool of symptoms resembling the flu. I am not 100% convinced that it was the flu, but it was certainly more than a cold.
Whatever it was, it stuck around for a good week and yesterday was my first run since Thanksgiving. It was nice to get back out there, but I could not deny that my body is still not where it needs to be for full-on Rocky training. I have had to back down the mileage expectations for this week and run on feel. I don't want to risk a rebound illness while the immune system is still lacking.
I did another run tonight. I had anticipated doing 8 - 10 miles and while on the run, opted for the 8. I was glad I did by mile 5. Fatigue set in and moving forward was feeling less and less like I would like it to.
I am glad to be back at running in spite of this hiccup in training. Honestly, it hasn't helped my heart to feel like it really wants to do this thing in February, but only time will tell. One positive that came from the unexpected rest time - my hamstring and calf seems to have recovered and are no longer painful!
For now, I will enjoy the training I can get in, listen to my body, and embrace the season of Advent.


  1. Probably not the best way to heal a hamstring, but glad it worked out in the end. Who knows, it may have benefitted you?...

    So bummed I missed the festivities at the pavillion this year, but next year should be better for both of us!

    Run strong, my friend!:)

  2. Hate getting sick ... looks like it had an up side for you.