Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project 20:14 Small Stuff 05

Today was a busy day with outside appointments and catching up on some errands before heading out this weekend.

Sticking with my parameters, I set out to declutter/de-own one small drawer.  I got on such a roll that in 20 minutes I managed to clean through 2!  These drawers are in my nightstand.  I bought this piece about 4 years ago to hold my pajamas and some journals, nighttime reading, and to have a place to hold my lamp.

I had so much JUNK stuffed into these drawers and what's more, I had ZERO reason for keeping 98% of it!  Of the 2% I kept, 90% of that were items that were not put into their proper place, ie, books that should have been placed into the bookcase, pens and highlighters that belong in the office, and cell  phone cords which belong to phones I no longer own.

Now my stand is holding precious letters from my children, husband, and friends.  My filled journals and a few sentimental items that I will probably keep for a very long time.  This morning these special things were mixed in with so much trash that it is impossible to think that any of it mattered to me.  Tonight, these drawers are special places that will no longer be a catch-all for things with no home.

I am beginning to see the journey to less is about more than getting rid of stuff.  It is embracing what is truly important, making room for those things, those people, and letting go of all that weighs me down.

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