Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project 20:14 Parameters 04

Thinking it might be beneficial to lay out some parameters with regard to the Project.

With regards to decluttering/de-owning

*Be patient and positive.  We didn't acquire these possessions overnight, we won't de-own them overnight. Rest assured, it won't take as long to de-own as it did to possess!

*Be diligent.  Do one thing every day, even something small, a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf.  Some days will be very productive, some will be about taking baby steps.  Like the saying goes, "Just Do It".  

*Try to get a price for anything worth value, but don't hold onto it if it doesn't sell.  Put a "sell by" date on the item and then give it away for free to someone who can be blessed by it or donate it to a charity.

*Storing of items for growing children is helpful budget-wise, but save nothing that will not be worn within two years.  By then it will be out-dated.  It could bless another child before it is used by ours.

*Grandkids can have one container of toys kept here.  All else is given to them directly or donated.

*While decluttering, ask if keeping it will provide one or more of these things:
      *Is it something we love?
      *Does it serve a function? (Even if the function is that it adds beauty, within reason)
      * Does it reflect who we are as a family?
      *Is it beautiful?
      *Would someone else love this more than us?
      *Is having this item worth the maintenance to keep it?
      *Do we possess the item or does it possess us?

*When bringing new items in
      *Do we need this?
      *Are we paying cash for it or taking on debt for it?
      *Does it help us to fulfill our Family Mission?
      *Is it worth the work it will take to maintain it, store it, possess it?
      *Does this allow us to continue to have fewer things while having a fuller life?

As I go through this journey I may add to or edit some of these parameters.  I think the most important is to just start.  Go through the easiest rooms first and work towards the more challenging areas which for me will be photos, books, and sentimental items.  


  1. Great list! It's hard for me to let when when I think of money spent/wasted, but really, what a silly reason to let it clutter up the place.

  2. Very cool idea, K! an open environment is a happy environment!