Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project 20:14 New things 03

Today I spent some time at Hobby Lobby today and happened upon a pair of lamps that were originally 89.99.  They were on clearance for 18.00 each.  These are the deals I just can't say no to, especially when they meet my newfound mantra, do I love these and will I love them in 5years?   Yes and Yes!

My prayer corner with lamp that does not offer enough light

New Lamp, fantastic light

I also found an answer to my fruit bowl problem.  Because of the gas bananas give off, they can not be kept too close to the other fruit because it causes the other fruit to spoil too quickly.  Banana "trees" are not very pretty, in my opinion, and when there is only one left or one breaks from the bunch, it lies on the counter too.  This little gem seems to solve the problem and fits my criteria of loving it and providing function.  

The rest of the day, I spent jotting some ideas down in my journal.  I have some nice visions for our school room, the fireplace I hope to re-face, the backyard I look forward to creating a prayer center in, and the built ins I plan to display things of beauty rather than things I stuff there and never find time to dust.

The kids are enjoying the subtle changes.  Little do they know, their room isn't safe either.  

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