Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 fer 1

Life has been a bit busy the last two weeks leaving little time to update my blog.  I am putting the last two weeks and the monthly totals for March in one post.

Ironman Training Week 22
This week was shortened as I had a 4 day retreat that began on Thursday morning and kept me busy until midnight Sunday.  It was well worth the lack of sleep (6 hours over the four days) and missed training, which allowed for some recovery time.  God's time is always better than any training plan man can devise.

Weekly Recap
Mar 18 - Mar 24
Swim: 3,600 in 1:20
Bike:   18 miles in 1:03
Run:    5 miles in 1:00
Cross:  30 mins (yoga, planks, ab work)

Total Time:  4:00  Total Miles: 25

Ironman Training Week 23 
This week was a challenge as I attempted to catch up on sorely needed sleep and better nutrition. It was also Holy Week which for my family means we are at Church from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  By the week's end, and the end of my longest bike ride thus far, I felt great!  Rested and stronger than I have felt on the bike ever. 

Weekly Recap
Mar 25 - Mar 31
Swim: 6,400 yds in 2:20 (tried out the wet suit which felt good)
Bike:   105 miles in 6:45
Run:    20 miles in 3:16  (two 3:30 am wake ups)
Cross:  30 mins (yoga, planks, ab work)

Total Time:  13:00  Total Miles:  129

March Totals 
Highest mileage in one month ever!  I am loving how great I feel, despite the fatigue, and while I look forward to backing off of the length of the workouts post IM, I expect to continue with all 3 disciplines of training to prevent injury and overuse of any one muscle group.  I guess this makes me a convert to cross-training!

Total Time for March: 55 hours
Total Mileage for March:  521 miles

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  1. I'm so proud of you for all you've been able to accomplish in your training these past few weeks!!! I can't wait to see how all of this will work out for you.