Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ironman Training Week 21

This week proved a challenge because I am trying to switch my rest day around.  The next several weeks will require me to have Sundays off instead of Mondays

Doing such required me to not take this past Monday off and resulted in me going without a complete rest day for 18 days.  One of the days I only did a walk with the kids and dogs, so I took that to mean a rest day, but on true rest days, I really try to not log any miles.
By Wednesday of last week, I was completely exhausted and though I had made a pact to make every single workout, I felt I would not be able to do it.
Last week was also Spring Break so I was fairly certain I would have plenty of time to fit everything in.  It was more of a challenge than I expected, but I did accomplish my goal.
The biggest issue of last week was/is my hands.  They are still not doing well.  They feel like rakes made out of Jello most of the time.  This makes swimming most unpleasant as I can not execute the proper form I would like.
It also makes any fine motor activities such as typing, writing, dressing, etc, much more.

I was pleased with my early morning runs this week, two of them!  One at 6 ish, and one at 4:30!  I could do that on a regular basis as long as my training friend is with me, but this is not something I am willing to do solo.  Safety is my primary concern when running at that time of day.

This week also marked our wedding anniversary on Friday.  This also happened to be the day I woke up at 3 and ran at 4:30.  My husband and I went out for the night and we stayed up til almost 3 Saturday morning.  A few years ago, this would have been the norm,  but now, it is not and I felt the lack of sleep for several days after.

On Saturday, I did a solo bike ride of 53 miles.  It was still very windy, but I was happy to be able to get into the aero bars more than ever before.  At points I would ride with one arm on the aero bars and one on the regular bar, close to the break.  30 mph winds are no joke.

All in all, I am feeling stronger in each discipline.  I do hope to feel better on the bike and wonder if I should concentrate more effort there rather than the pool or run.

The next three weeks will be a challenge scheduling.  I am away and unable to workout this week from Thursday - Sunday.  Next week is Holy week in which our commitments at Church are increased.  Everything else takes a back seat.
The week after Easter, I will be in Galveston for my first Half Ironman.   I tried on my wetsuit, (borrowed), and now need to find a time and a place to try it out.
Looks as though I will come off the HIM and the following weekend ride the full IMTX course.  This will be a huge mileage increase as I have yet to ride over 80 miles.

Trying to not freak out too much at one time.  Living in the moment and doing the best I can with what I have in front of me.  I'm just praying it is enough.

Weekly Recap
Mar 11 - Mar 17
Swim: 10,000 yds in 3:50
Bike:   128 miles in 7:01
Run: 22 miles in 3:35
Cross:  60 mins (yoga, planks, ab work)

Total Time:  15:00  Total Miles: 159

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