Monday, March 11, 2013

Ironman Training Week 20

Hightlight of this week was the bike ride on Saturday.  The wind was killer an did a number on me mentally.  Often during the second half of the ride, I wanted to pull off the road and quit.  I have never felt that way on the bike before.

I spent the better part of the day after the ride trying to convince myself that a bad day on the road does not make or break my training overall.  I can't help but feel very weak on the bike and I know that I will use this weakness to fuel the fire to get better.

Finding a couple of positives from the ride, the first 20 miles went very well.  Cut about 20 minutes off of my typical time.  I felt strong and efficient.  Fish Creek was almost comfortable.  I came into the first rest stop feeling very confident and pleased with my effort.

I also am happy with my nutrition.  Again, I am using Tailwind and I am drinking on schedule keeping fueled and hydrated.  This stuff is working so well for me.  No GI issues, no electrolyte problems, and no lack of energy.  At least until the wind started beating me up.

Another positive from this ride was my ability to get into the aero bars on several occasions.  I felt comfortable and I think, sans wind, I might be able to stay in the bars more than a few minutes at a time.

On the negative side, I hate the wind.  I was blown around like a pair of socks on a clothesline.  This truly was a huge mental battle for me.  I finished the ride feeling completely discouraged in my ability to ride 112 miles.  Granted March winds are much stronger than May winds.  I felt terrible keeping Richard from riding with his group as he was kind enough to wait for me to catch up to him along the course.  There were points along the road were I wanted to stop and cry.  At one point, the wind was so strong that I had to stop to regain my composure.

Another issue for me is the hand weakness post ride. I can't use my fingers very well.  It takes me forever to type and do anything with my fingers.  I know that if I can get into the bars, this will be much better.

Sunday's run left me refreshed and renewed.  It was a raining, grey day, one of my favorite types of days to run.  I'm ready to start Peak Training.

Weekly Recap
Mar 4 - Mar 10
Swim:  9100 yds in 3:25
Bike:  115 miles in 6:30
Run: 30 miles in 4:28
Cross:  60 mins (yoga, planks, ab work)

Total Time:  15:00  Total Miles:  151


  1. Looks like you have a lot to be pleased with and a lot to be thankful for. What a blessing! Keep building and keep the faith Sister! I believe that even in athletics God's strength is made perfect in our weakness!
    Go in grace.

    1. You are so right, Pat. I am taking each step as a step closer to Him!

  2. Unfortunately, these days happen, but in the grand scheme-they are the ones that make us stronger. Proud of you for gutting it out!