Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ironman Training Week 19

This week went well as I hit every work out I needed to, even with many life events trying to take over.  Some workouts were shortened to accommodate the family schedule.

I did have a slight mishap with the tri bike.  Thankfully all was fine. It was a good lesson for me to experience a tumble and still get up and ride.  A few bumps and scrapes, but no real damage.

I flip-flopped my Long Bike/Long Run so that I could go out and cheer for the runners in The Woodlands Marathon.  It was a great day to run.  Nice a cool temps, though a bit windy, especially the latter part of the race.  I was really wishing I had registered, but I knew that doing so would compromise my IM training.  So I behaved. 

Richard and I ran the course cheering runners in and even found a friend to run to the finish with watching her grab her PR!   We talked about what we will try to do on the course next year....  I love dreaming!

The ride on Sunday was to be 4 hours, however, it was very cold and I didn't have the proper gear to ride in 30 degree temps.  Richard and I met at 24 Hour and spun for 2 hours as an alternate plan.  Looking back, I think this was the smartest choice as I had been increasing my bike mileage for the past 5-6 weeks and was due for a cut back week.

Weekly Recap
Feb 25-Mar 3
Swim:  8000 yds in 2:45
Bike:   72 miles in 4:00 (spin and road cycling)
Run: 22 miles in 3.5 hours
Cross:  30 mins (yoga, planks, ab work)

Total Time:  10.5 hours  Total Miles: 98

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