Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relentlessly Forward

Moving past the past and towards the future, whatever it holds.  Can't change the past and I'm happy to be done living in it.

Lessons will come slowly and I'm already planning another go at it next year.  Cactus Rose has not seen the last of me just yet.


  1. Great attitude!! It will be all yours next year!

  2. The future holds many unknowns for us but I have never seen you facing the future with anything less than grace and composure. I have no doubt that there's a future of Cactus Rose success waiting for you, not to mention other successes along the way.

  3. I was bummed when I didn't see your name on the finishers list. You were moving along so well when I saw you.
    I read your report. Was the back pain caused by the fall? Do you suffer from back pain?
    Anyway, I'm glad you decided it was worth another try. Even if there are DNFs in the mix, it helps make us stronger and more determined.
    3rd time is a charm!!

    1. Hi Mariela,
      The back pain was from the fall. Still dealing with a bit of it after a run or a ride, but I think it will be fine. I don't have a problem with my back, typically, but I have had problems in the past, before ultras. I have done a lot of core work to keep the back strong and aligned.
      It was great to see you out there and I know I was better trained for this time around because of the advice and encouragement you offered me. Thanks so much!!