Friday, July 20, 2012

Increased Training; Increased Focus

As the mileage begins to increase on the training plan, I am noticing a greater focus on being in the moment.  Previously, while working through the training plans of the season, I would find myself not really focused on the run at hand, but rather, thinking about the next one.  When would it be?  Where would it be?  Would it be a good one?  Which race would I do?  And so on.

This training cycle, and perhaps it is because I have added in a few new tricks to the bag with swimming and biking, I find I am truly intentional in the workout I am doing at that moment.  I have been focused on my breathing and form while running.  Not so much my pace.  I am also really trying to listen to what my body is telling me.  If I have a wonkiness in my leg, I make a mental note and try to address it immediately or shortly after the run is complete.

In my swim, I am solely thinking about breathing, head position, how my hand is entering the water, my pull-through, etc.  And occasionally, it all comes together for a lap or two and I feel amazingly strong!

During the biking, which I am totally new to, I am focused on maintaining the proper RPMs, breathing, again, the position of my feet on the pedal.  I am entranced by the "push/pull" mantra that my legs sing while feeling the rotation of the wheels.

For someone who as easily distracted as I am, these moments of total focus are a real gift.  It is where the cares and concerns of any day are stripped away and I am able, for just a little while, to embrace the moment for exactly what it is.  This is a true gift and one I hope to be able to appreciate for a very long time.

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  1. Very cool post, K! It's nice when you can see the big picture, but operate in the moment. Keep up the awesome work:)