Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life BFB

*** Most of this post will be cryptic to many of you, but I ask you to pray anyway. Once I go to a more private setting, I will be able to reveal a bit more of the situation my family and I are going through.  Be assured that we are all safe and we are not afraid.***  

Life before Facebook.  Before Smart phones.  Before the phase of life wherein I have been connected 24/7/365.  It was a simpler time and while I have enjoyed the many benefits of being able to stay connected with many friends and long distance family, feel productive with the ability to immediately deal with an email or a text, and sharing pictures with my closest 254 friends whenever the need arose, I am done.  This "convenience" has come with a high price tag.  It has cost me time.  Valuable time.  This has been the state of my life for close to three years now and I am over it all.  
Yes, my family's security has been compromised.  Not in the way that most people feel it, through loss of money because of hacked bank accounts or unauthorized credit card purchases, but in a total loss of privacy.  And you all are victims of this as well.  
I should have stayed with my guts on this stuff.  It never has sat well with me about how very entwined everything has become.  And because of this, some bad folks have been taking full license to terrorize my family, some of our friends, and turn our lives upside down.
So, my prayer for a simpler life has been answered in a big way.  Instead of responding to urgent fb messages, texts, and emails, I will be curling up on the couch with the kids, reading about another time and place while sipping on a cup of joe, with cream of course.
While I may not be up on all the goings on of everyone's life, I will know my children on a deeper level.  And this has been my prayer for well over a year.  Who knew that it would be answered in this way?  Not I.  And I don't really like how it is coming to be, but I must find the lesson in all of this turmoil and the lesson is, thus far, He is answering my prayer through the actions of someone very misguided. 
I am not scared.  In fact, I am feeling a call to love.  To pray.  To seek a deeper relationship with the one who is putting us through this.  Not out of pity, rather out of love.  Someone in my life is so hurt by something in their past that they have decided that terrorizing other people is the only thing they can do.  
If I was somehow party to any of this person's hurt, I want the chance to apologize.  I want the opportunity to sit and talk and find a better answer, because while this situation is very unpleasant to be in, it must feel even worse to be the person who is trying to sleep at night knowing that they are threatening children, their families, and all in the name of an unknown cause.  This person must be in a very grave state of pain when the only thing which can bring some relief is to bring pain and confusion to others.
Please join me in praying for the complete conversion of all souls who feel furthest from Him today.  I know I have been there and those prayers may have been the only thing that kept me from certain doom.  Let us surround those tortured souls with love, kindness, and prayer.  Most importantly, prayer. It is the most powerful weapon we possess against evil.


  1. Praying! And loving the idea of you having more time with the kids. :-)

  2. It is difficult to pray for those who are purposely hurtful to others. I know that is what Jesus asks of us so I will try.

    Sending prayers to you and your family for protection as well.

  3. Not at all sure what is happening, but it is sad that you must go through this. Your family is precious. In my prayers.

  4. K - Keep me on your list and know that I have been thinking of you all everyday.