Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Must Read Post


            The following post is a guest post from Kyle at Running on the White Line  

I have been following his blog for awhile now and really love what he puts out there.  I thought his post on his exercise routine was excellent and falls in line with my kind of workouts.  Easy, little to no equipment, and can be done basically anywhere, anytime, in any type of clothing.  Yes, I have been known to be fully dressed for Church and drop down to do a set of planks or push ups before heading out the door.  My kids think I am insane.  My friends know I am.  

Thank you, Kyle, for allowing me to hijack your post!  Keep up the great work!


Strength Exercises I Recommend and Perform

Here is a run down of my favorite exercises. They are super minimalist in nature. I prefer workouts that can be done with as little amount of equipment as possible, and these all utilize body weight. All of these are great options for a runner, cyclist, or any endurance athlete looking to improve their core and overall strength. They are extremely functional and easy to perform.

The ones that generally lead to soreness the next day are jumping squats and kickbacks. I try to plan heavy strength training on the same day as my long runs or key workouts. This is because most of the times after a long run the next day or two are super easy. This allows full recovery from the long run and the strength work. What I have done during my long runs is at every mile interval, stop running and do 100 of one of these. Save the squat jumps for the end though ;) If I do not do this I may do 5 or all of these after the long run at 100 reps.

Tuck Jumps
Jump and bring your knees up in mid air

Jump Rope
This is my favorite running drill. If you want to show someone how they should land while running, have them jump rope barefoot. Try jumping rope and heal striking or jumping rope and landing too far forward on your foot. Ideally, you should land on your midfoot or almost flat footed, and quickly spring back up. 

Kick Backs
Good quick workout for your hams and glutes.

Forward and Side Lunges
Strengthens your butt, hips, thighs, quads, etc. all round good workout. Be sure to not let your leading knee to over your foot. 
I get into a pushup position and move the legs to the sides.

Mountain Climber
Great for your hip flexors and core. 

Plank Leg Lifts
Side, front, and back planks and just lift the leg. Good all round workout



You can add in jumps or make them one legged for a greater workout

Makes for a good back workout

Hills and Trails
These are actually the two best workouts you can do. I prefer hills for my strength and speed work since you have to put out more power while running up a hill, but they are very easy on your body compared to the same exertion level on a flat road when doing speed work. Hills are great for your core, hip flexors, back, and hell, everything else. 

A trail run is great for working on your lateral movement and stability muscles. Road running is very straight and repetitive. If you go out on a flat 10 mile run on the pavement, your right foot takes the same exact step 7000 times! Now do a 10 mile run on a trail such as pictured below, no one footstep is exactly the same as the last. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad so many people found the post useful!! Could you fix my typo, and change heal to heel on the jump rope exercise :p

  2. Done! Didn't want to take any liberties with your work! LOL
    Thanks again for giving me permission to use your post!