Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shoe Review - Brooks PureProject Flow

After acquiring a pair of Brooks PureGrit back in October, (you can read my review here) I knew I had to buy a pair of Brooks PureFlow as soon as I could manage to.

Christmas provided an opportunity for my husband to gift a pair to me along with some new Injinji socks.  First, about Injinji... I love these socks.  I have been wearing them for almost 4 years so when I saw these fun, striped colors, I was so excited to put them on!  They really are like wearing a party on your feet!  If you have any problems with toe blisters or toe nails rubbing against other toes, these really do solve the problem.  The only time I can not wear these socks is when it is very cold out.  The separated toes don't have the ability to stay warm and I need warm feet to be a happy trail runner.

The PureFlows fit just as great as the Grits.  Like they were made for my fit specifically.  It must have something to do with the elastic band across the top of the shoe which holds the upper nice and snug to my foot.

The cushioning is sufficient for me.  I like cushioning, so having a much lighter shoe without sacrificing the comfort factor is a definite plus.  I have yet to run past 12 miles in the shoes as I am still transitioning into the lower heel.  I hope over the next several months to be in these shoes almost exclusively.

I can't really find anything I don't like about this shoe.  Thank you, Brooks for a nice shoe, at a great price!


  1. I hope you like them as much as I like mine! Actually, I'm about to order my second pair:)

  2. I love, LOVE, LOOOOVVE mine. After an injury plagued year, they have come at the right time. Anytime I put on any other shoes, my tendon flares right up. No other shoe is truly wide enough or flexible enough for my giant yet delicate tootsies.

    Are the grits as flexible as the flows are? I had been thinking of getting a pair but any stiffness is a bad thing for me and I have a closet full of nearly new running shoes I can't use.