Monday, September 5, 2011

40 Days

40 Days till Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd. Just coming off of a week of recovery from The Shoe, I feel fairly rested and ready to hit the training as hard as I can to endure the crunch time before the race.

I am scheduled to hit two fairly long runs which will most likely be solo adventures and unsupported. There are obvious negatives in that, but I need to focus on the positives at this point. I would like to try to hit Huntsville for at least one of the long runs. Running there alone is definitely not the smartest thing to do, so I will seek out a few companions.

Running on my own will help to prepare me mentally for the later stages of the race before Brad picks me up and paces me in.

40 Days. Uniquely significant number in my life. Lent. Days Christ spent in the desert. A time for reflection, repair, and preparation for what was and what is to come. I have an opportunity to grow in this 40 days or stay exactly where I am. The choice is mine and today, I chose growth.

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  1. 40 days, seems so close. Good luck down the stretch!