Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dance

Tomorrow I will be heading out to a dance on the trail at a nice little 60 K race called The Shoe. It will be run as a training run for Pumpkin Holler 100, but if I am to be really honest here, I have to mention that I will be pushing myself harder than a typical training run. Races just have that tendency.

I have unfinished business with this race series. Last year I DNF'd The Lake portion of the series and swore I would never go back. In sticking with my pledge never to return to that race, I picked a different one within the same Capt'n Karl series.

I am hoping to meet a time goal. I have some mental obstacles to get around. I have some physical limitations that ultimately sent me to the DNF status last time around. This race will definitely be a challenge. I pray that I finish healthy and renewed in my quest to remain joy-filled while dancing on the rocks.

My biggest challenge, I think, will be dealing with my asthma. Last time around, my heart rate hit 220 and I had medical people freaking out all around me. I will play it smarter this time. I will walk sooner or sit, or lie down. But I will not quit unless it is obviously the only thing left before significant harm is done.

My next biggest challenge will be to run my own race. Not any one else's race. I tend to get caught up in other people and their suffering on the trail. I can't leave anyone behind. It's not in my makeup. But what I have to remember is this:

1. I would never, ever, ever want anyone else to throw their race for me. I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself. Anyone else on that trail is certainly of the same mindset.

2. No one is ever going to be left alone out there. The aid stations are not that far off and I can notify the folks volunteering that someone needs help on the trail.

This seems so easy when writing it down. I hope I can keep it that simple when I am out there. Stay tuned for the report. I won't be winning any awards, but I will bring home another round of experience that can only help me become a better runner.


  1. Great perspective K! Enjoy whatever happens out there and leave it all out on the trail!

    Will be thinking of ya and look forward to the report! :)

  2. You offer some wise perspectives and should follow them. I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow.

  3. Looking forward to hearing the good report, I know you will do fine