Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training Plans

It seems as though I have written this post before. Many times. Perhaps only in my mind.

I sat down about 2 weeks ago and planned out my "training plan" from now until race day. It was pretty. It was perfect. It fit my schedule and seemed as though all would go well. Then as usually happens, things changed.

First hit to the plan, my family has decided that they are now ALL going to begin working out! While this is a great thing, it makes juggling my workouts a bit more challenging. I have been praying that the family would take this step and want to support their efforts, so I made up my mind to fit my training in around their workouts. I think we all know how that usually goes.

Second hit has been a nasty, unrelenting virus that I can't seem to shake. I'm on day 9 of this thing. I finally hit the Dreadmill last night to test out my lungs and they held up well. At least in an air-conditioned, easy-paced run they did well.

I planned to get up and hit the hills this morning, but the family decided they wanted to work out this morning, so I figured I could fit it in later. Now it is a million degrees outside and if I want to run, it will be unbearably warm. Or it's back to the dreadmill at the Y. Not sure which way I want to go with this just yet. I'm leaning towards the million degrees...

Really beginning to wonder if a plan is even worth the effort. Maybe the plan should be as simple as Run. Run as much as you can as often as you can. Try to hit some hills. Try to do some speed. Balancing life and running isn't such an easy thing.


  1. It is still worth the effort to make a plan. The only thing worse than planning to fail is failing to plan. Life always throws us curveballs and you got hit with a big one this time.

    Congratulations on being such a good example for your family!

  2. Thank you, Richard. You are so right. I needed that kick in the pants.

    Keeping my eye on the finish line!

  3. I've been on the receiving end of that "kick in the pants" more than my share of times. I think it is all part of being human.

  4. Im glad to see you post, Its about time. looking forward to more

  5. Planning to plan is planning to get it disrupted, then get you frustrated, and then everything goes to heck.

    I do an extremely rough plan up to my A race. However I only plan runs for the next week or two generally. And then it's usually just "long run" or "hills" or "easy run". I have had the best results from just doing what my body wants to do. If it does not want to run do a long run, then take an easy day. I probably place more of an importance on planning off/recovery days then actual running days.

  6. what happened to your daily mile?

  7. Thanks for saying something, Brad! I had changed my sign on name and I guess it changed the widget. All fixed now!