Thursday, March 17, 2011

End of Recovery

It's been over 5 weeks since Rocky and the time for recovery has come to a close.  I was mentally ready to run right after Rocky, but gave my legs two weeks to rest.  When I started back, I realized that I had an issue with my knee and then my foot.  Two weeks after that, my back began to act up and hasn't relented thus far.

It doesn't seem to hurt while running, but as soon as I stop, the pain returns.  I'm fairly certain that tight hamstrings are the culprit.  I've been stretching more than ever, but still, the tightness remains.

It is hard to be motivated to run when I have nothing on the race schedule.  I will be registering for a marathon and another 100 miler, but nothing between now and October.  I will need to find a race or two to inspire my training.

A few differences for training this time around.  I won't worry so much about the mileage ( I say this now, hold me to it closer to the fall!) but I will be focusing on hills, (treadmill running, ack), strengthening of my upper body, and cross-training.  I need to find a better balance so that my body, especially my legs, don't feel as trashed after the next 100.  I don't want to take another 5 weeks off, if I can help it. 

Tonight's run was painful for the first 3 -3.5 miles.  My legs were not happy about running.  At mile 4 or so, they loosened up and I felt that familiar pace that my body thrives on.  I love when all the parts start working together and the run seems effortless.  It's been awhile since I have felt that and I was very happy tonight was the night it returned. 

Looking forward to getting back to the training with a new perspective.  I really wasn't sure I'd ever want to do another 100.  I thought it would just be a box to check and then I could go back to "normal" running, whatever that is.  Alas, my heart was won over by the challenge and I am looking forward to embracing the next one.  My goals won't necessarily be for time, but rather, to feel better during the run and recover more quickly so that I can tack a few more races on this fall.

All of this will take careful planning and execution of my training plan.  Consistency will be crucial.  Morning workouts will be more commonplace if I am to get in the strengthening and cross-training.  We made the decision to re-join the Y this month.  This should prove to be helpful in many ways.


  1. A temporary website is up for Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd. Check the race list on the TATUR site for the link. Lotsa pix.

  2. I wish that I could come run on Sunday with you! But with work, the distance to drive..the time contraint is the bugger!!!