Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vacuum Escapades

Taper and recovery weeks are the most dangerous around my house.  This is the perfect time for my clutziness and somewhat quirky obsessiveness to rear it's ugly head.

I have done pretty well the last few weeks, with only starting one major project.  I hired someone to rip out the backyard deck which was beyond repair.  Now I have a big muddy mess in the backyard and an imagination that is running wild.  The only thing holding me back from my dream yard is my stinking checkbook...

Whilst the handyman and my sons were busy ripping out the said carpenter-ant-infested deck, I began a cleaning frenzy inside the house.  I am about to embark on my quarterly, if-it-isn't-nailed-down, it's-going-in-the-trash, organizing spree.  The festivities began in the kitchen, cleaning out drawers, rearranging the cupboards, etc.  Then it was time to vacuum.  I hate the vacuum.  I hate the noise.  It is offensively loud and does nothing for my sense of peace.  Sweeping is my thing.  I could sweep all day.  It's quiet and effective.  It is hypnotic and I like being under the influence...  But I had a student coming for a session, so I resorted to Mark's favorite household appliance, the vacuum.  (Anyone who knows my husband, knows his true love is the vacuum... I just happen to come with it!)

As I furiously wing The Shark around, I am pleased that I am almost finished and then, WHAM!  My toe eats the corner of the cupboard.  Yeah.  Thanks.  Foreign words flying all over the house.  And me on my knees in the middle of the floor.

After a few minutes spent trying to catch my breath, I gather my composure, insist to the children that I did NOT say words like that, and then finish the job.  Stupid vacuum.

Now I am left with the knowledge that I ran a 100 miler and had not one blister or foot problem.  Leave me to my own devices at home with The Shark, and I end up with a foot I can't run on...I wonder how well duct tape would work on it?

I guess since my runs will be on hold for a day or two, it will give me more time to ponder some more projects.  I've been considering flip-flopping the appliances in my kitchen and breaking down a wall or two to make a larger gathering space...  I wouldn't need a vacuum for that! 


  1. "Foreign words flying all over the house."

    I didn't know you were bilingual - good for you!


  2. Beware the "housework injury"...better stick to what's nailed down! LOL

  3. Yep... not-so-proud- practicioner of the typical New England speakese...

    Quick to study, years to undo, milliseconds to recall.

    Also explains why I don't do dreadmills... you know those Funniest Home Videos of runners falling off... that would be me!

  4. Duct tape works wonders, don't you know it's a redneck welding machine?