Friday, February 11, 2011

4 days

Pre-Rocky, I was wondering how much time I would take off from running.  Taking a cue from Scott Jurek, I figured a nice block of 2 -4 weeks with no running would be a good idea.  I've trained for quite a long while with many, many miles on my body over the past year and thankfully, have no injuries. 

2-4 weeks of crosstraining, not thinking about any races to train for or even sign up for, seems like a reasonable amount of time.  I strongly felt that after running 100 miles, I would not want for a run for at least that amount of time.

I was wrong.  What else is new?  My recovery is going well.  Other than being very tired my only real issue is my right knee which took a hit on one of the wooden bridges during Rocky.  It is quite sore and is lending itself to a "peg leg" gait.  My kids are enjoying calling me a pirate.  I have promised myself that I will absolutely not run at all until I have zero pain. 

Waking up on Monday, I had a strange sensation.  I had nothing hanging over my head.  As much as I wanted to run Rocky, I will admit, it was, at times, one of those "things" looming in my mind.  Knowing I HAD to get my training done so I could get to the start line at Rocky was, at times, annoying.  Honestly, the last two weeks of training before the race, I had to motivate myself with the promise of taking off as much time as I wanted once the race was over, whether I finished it or not.  Not having that external pressure on myself on Monday was nice, but at the same time, kind of a lonely, empty feeling.  Still, I swore I would not even consider anything for 2 - 4 weeks.  Then last night, I could no longer sit idle. Instead of 4 weeks, my fast lasted 4 days.  I started scanning races to possibly sign up for.  There are not too many for me to choose from because they have to be local right now. 

I did not sign up for anything, yet... but I am considering two possibilities in April.  I have some longer term goals that I would like to entertain as well but they are somewhat incongruent with one another which would mean I probably could not work on both of them at the same time.  Not sure where I will go first. 

I suppose that is the beauty of rest.  I don't have to decide anything right now.  It is ok to rest.  Maybe I will even get caught up on some things around the house. 

In other news... today is my sweet grandbaby's 1st birthday!  Ahhh... the good things in life!


  1. which races in April? shorter trail races? do tell!!!

  2. I predict Hogs hunt, but not sure of the other....

    Long term; The Woodlands Marathon? Can't get any closer!

  3. Hogs Hunt is one choice. It was my first ultra and trail run. I love it. But I also have some unfinished business at Hell Hills. I tried to run it twice in 2009. The first attempt was washed out by severe thunderstorms and rain. The race was canceled shortly after we began. Took 3 hours to run an 11 mile loop. Went back in late spring to run it again and had to dnf due to dehydration. AI which one I will choose I am not yet certain.
    I definitely will be registering for The Woodlands Marathon.

  4. You are certainly a true runner to want to be back at it so soon, but try to at least take it easy for a bit to avoid injury.

    I swear that grandchild of yours keeps getting cuter all the time!

  5. Enjoy your rest...easier said than done, I know! I am still in awe of your 100-miler Karen, you rock! :-)

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