Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding Respite in Lost Maples

We escaped the urban life this past weekend and headed to Garner State Park.  We absolutely love it there!  While there, we also ventured over to see Lost Maples again, this time, with a camera.  The leaves are about 10 days away from being in their peak brilliance.  I will be back in the area next weekend, and if there is time, I will try to see if I can sneak a brief trip in to see them again. 

The time away was exactly what was needed.  I didn't miss anything electronic.  I was ecstatic to see that my phone still doesn't receive service out there.  I hope it never does.  I saw many people with their phones working, their lap tops out, ipads humming, etc.  I was happy to leave all of that behind for a bit.  I read a line from Thoreau the night before our trip.  It resonated with me all weekend even into today.

        "Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify, simplify."

I am working to continue to simplify, to strive to live in the moment, and to cherish the memories made within my real-time relationships. The rest of it doesn't seem so important anymore.


  1. The Hill Co. has this really neat renewing effect. If you don't believe in The Creation, you may need to spend more time out there!

  2. We are now planning to had out there. Not this weekend but the next. Thanks for the pictures. I can't believe how grown up your kiddos all are.

  3. I simply love this line; "Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify, simplify."
    Nice pics.

    --kizzy vibram