Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vegans Should Probably Not Eat Pork

Just sayin'...

Yes, the husband made a delicious batch of Filipino Pork Adobo, for Bean and a few of her collegemates last night.   Pre-plant-based eating, this was my FAVORITE meal.  I could not resist the wonderful smell of vinegar-simmered meat, and so, I indulged a bit.  Funny how indulging most always implies, "this is going to hurt later"!

Yes, the adobo was wonderful, as always, but I am still, 15 hours later, feeling as if I am lugging around a very large brick in my gut.  One of the collegemates was kind enough to make an amazing, non-vegan pie topped with homemade whipped cream.  We have dubbed it Raccoon Pie, not sure why, but it stuck, kind of the way the pie has stuck to my gut as well.  Again, another delicious indulgence.  Amazing actually.  So, I'll be working on trying to cleanse myself of all of this today and get back to business on the plant-based wagon. 

Training vs Raining:  Raining wins.  Especially when there is lightening associated with said raining.  I don't mind running in the rain.  In fact, I welcome it, but I do draw the line on training in the in it is a different story however.

I am hoping that today's inclement weather does not include thunderstorms so that I can put a few miles on the roads.  Captain Karls is not far off and I don't want to loose the momentum that I have going into the race.

Tip of the day...  Keep a nice stash of Papaya Enzyme on hand for those "can't resist that adobo" moments.


  1. Meat makes me feel horrible for hours, but the addiction keeps me eating it.

    Someone needs to take that "virtual brick" from you gut and hit me in the head with it!

  2. Karen...thanks for your kind words...i hope you are feeling better today...

    I had meat yesterday too...but in the morning for breakfast (a bit of sausage)...thankfully it didnt mess with me, but 9 times out of 10 when i do indulge i pay for it later. I have found the earlier in the day that i have it the better off i am.

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