Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pay Back of Pork

The legacy of the Pork dinner and Raccoon pie lives on.   Never, ever, ever, ever, ever again.  Never.  The morning after the infamous meal, I had demonstrated a SIX pound weight gain!  I must have weighed myself 10 times to make sure I wasn't crazy, but sure enough, on Thursday morning I weighed in at 117.  Friday morning I weighed 123!  I am not fixated on my weight on any given day, however a 6 pound increase overnight was a reason for concern. 
I also lost several runs as a result of feeling like crap.  I am still not at my weight pre-pork, but I know that as I continue cleansing my body with healthy greens and smoothies, I will not only loose the extra "fake" weight, but I will feel better.  I have had stomach issues as well as issues with fatigue. 
I ran a 20 miler yesterday and after mile 8, felt like I was about 80 years old.  Everything hurt.  My hips were tightening, my ankles ached, and the good old hand swelling returned.  I am convinced now, more than ever, that for me, a vegan diet isn't just a choice, it's what I must do to remain in my best health. 
Yesterday's run was my last long, long run before Captain Karl's.  I wore the Nathan vest again and it was comfortable most of the time.  I did have a time wear it appeared to be rubbing on my back, but I was able to fix that and determine that a will wear a different shirt next time.  I carried 70 ounces of water with me and felt like I was drinking enough, but once I got home and cleaned it, I realized that I did not drink nearly enough.  I only drank 35 ounces the entire run.  Clearly this was not enough.  I felt completely drained the rest of the day and the act of drinking water reuqired more effort than I had available. 
I suppose that is one disadvantage to the vest.  I like the hand-held because I can actually "see" how much I am drinking.  As well, the hand-held serves as more of a reminder to drink because it is right there.  I know that sounds crazy because the vest is "right there" as well, but being in the hand, it is difficult to forget to drink.
I also become paranoid about running out of water.  For that reason, when I know that there will not be any water available, I tend to conserve what I have, just in case...
I am going to run with the vest again this week as that is my plan for the race.  Honestly, I would rather run with hand-held, but given that it is a night course and I will be running with a flashlight and head lamp, I need to have my hands free. 
I met another vegan runner yesterday.  It was nice to talk with a kindred spirit and I wish I was a quick as he was because I would love to pick his brain some more on how he does nutrition during his long runs and races.  He is training for Leadville which is something I would like to be able to attempt some day.  It will be nice to follow his progress.
The home-front has proven to be fairly calm of late.  We are mid-summer and the kids and I have been enjoying days at the pool, Wii's Just Dance, and visitors from Bean's college.  What an amazing bunch of young people I have met through Franciscan University.  Knowing that she is surrounded by people of strong faith and commitment to the Church is very reassuring in these days of uncertainty.  The students are definitely a different type of young person than what we are shown in the news.  They care about their country, their faith, their world.  They are actively involved in what is going on around them.  They have a pretty good idea of who they are and where they are heading.  Quite an accomplishment for students 19-25.  I'm still trying to figure all of that out for myself!  I am encouraged and hopeful for our world because of these young people.
Now if I could just remember to not eat pork...


  1. i saw the Nathan vest while working at Lukes this weekend. it appears to maybe be more comfy than the Camelbaks ... seemed cushier :)

    i hate carrying handhelds. dont know how on earth you do it for any length of time.

    great job...and hang in'll be better soon i hope!