Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Less planning more wondering

This week is proving to be a bit of an exercise in patience and trust.  I went for a run on Monday which was supposed to be a 6 miler, but very soon into the run, I noticed that my chest was very tight in spite of the use of my inhaler.  After a mile, I decided to cut the run down to 3 miles and had the pleasure of observing my thought process regarding the upcoming 60K quickly begin to disintegrate.

Having dealt with many bouts of bronchitis and related asthma, I had a pretty good idea of what was beginning to happen and I started to become very concerned with how I would ever get through this weekends "training run/race" with my body seemingly deciding to betray me.  I returned home quite discouraged and confused as this appeared to have come from no where.  I haven't felt sick at all.  In fact, I've felt wonderful with the exception of the pork incident.

I have been frequenting the pool lately and while there I have been attempting to put a few laps in.  I remember swallowing a nice gulp of water on Saturday and wondered if perhaps that is why my chest was fighting something.

I decided to shut everything down for training this week, including the strength training, and reserve my efforts for Saturday.  Of course, this didn't sit well with me, but the famous verse, "Run Smart", kept playing in my mind.

On Tuesday morning, I was debating on a visit to the doctor, but I knew that I had no fever, no other symptoms to report other than the chest tightness and just that familiar feeling that something bad was coming.  By about 11 am, I remembered that I had a supply of Advair which is an inhaled steroid and something that I only use when I get sick.  The doctor has told me to use it to prevent things from getting worse and I had forgotten about that.  I am not big on taking medicine, but when it comes to my respiratory system, I do not mess around.  I've lost too many days and weeks of training to chest infections.

By dinner time, I was walking the dogs and felt so much better.  Advair is very fast acting, and thank goodness.  I was really wanting to run, so I did.  In my flip flops and skirt, with both dogs loving the little jaunt.  I still had a bit of tightness with the run, so I didn't go too far.  I did get to bed and tried to get some decent rest in.

Today, I have had no chest tightness to speak of.  I was able to get through my strengthening program and tonight, I put a nice 6 miler in, including a few hill repeats.  I wanted to push myself slightly to see how my breathing would respond.  All seems well and now I can get back to the business of planning for the 100 mile race.

The little boys and I have cleaned several rooms top to bottom, but there has not been much for the donation pile this time around.  I guess I did a pretty good job earlier this summer getting rid of things.  Planning for our homeschooling year is next on the agenda.  I've put it off far too long and now I have only a month to pull everything together.

Alicia, Ryan, and my sweet granddaughter will be moving back to Houston within the month and Brianna will be heading back to school.  It's never a dull moment around here, that is for sure!

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