Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trash food = trash tummy

I have really fallen of the healthy food this weekend and I can feel it with every inch of my being.  What once was a nice treat for me is now almost like a poison.  I keep hearing Brendan Brazier's words in my mind, "eat nutrient-dense foods and you won't use precious energy trying to digest it.  That energy can then be used for other things, like recovery."

I am sore all over today.  More than I usually am and I would bet my life on the probability that it has to do with the Arby's sandwich I ate yesterday and the fish I ate last night.  It was delicious fish, but still, for me, animals based foods are just not where I thrive the best.

And Arby's?  Seriously?  I didn't eat that crap when I did eat crap!  Even as I was putting it in my mouth, my head told will regret this later.  White bread and pseudo-meat?  My head was right.  I was sick all morning today.  My recovery from yesterday's run has been slow.  I usually bounce right back the next day, but not today.

I ate much better today.  Vega shake for breakfast, Quinoa for lunch, Cuban black beans on the stove for dinner along with some Mexican cucumbers and Tomato Salad.  My body feels happier already.

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