Friday, June 25, 2010

And I'm back

On facebook that is.  Ugh.  It's truly a love/hate thing.  No sooner had I deactivated my account, then I realized that I had a few irons in the fire so to speak that would be left hanging if I just dumped FB all together.  So limits are set.  If I can stick to them, I should be able to manage it better. 

Running is going well.  We had a nice trail run at Mitchell last night.  There were 7 of us all together and it felt nice to introduce some others to the beautiful trails that we have so close by.  The bike trails are a nice, short, but fairly technical route.  You really have to stay pretty alert, at least the first few times you run the trail so that you don't take a tumble.

I love running out there.  I love the way the trail changes with the time of year.  Winter is barren and this make the trail feel more open and airy.  Spring brings new life and after months of gray, it is a nice change to see the trail come alive again with new growth.  Summer brings with it a real robust fullness to the vegetation.  Of course the flies are not my favorite part, but once the swarm dies off, they are tolerable with a few swats now and then. 
Of course I am looking forward to fall.  Despite what some would have us think, Texas does have foliage that changes color.  It may not be till November, but it does happen.  You just have to look and then appreciate it.

I have 26 miles on the books for the weekend.  A 16 miler and a 10 miler.  I will be trying out the homemade sports drink from the Thrive book.  I made some last night and while I think it was a bit heavy for the short run, it was tasty and refreshing.  I think it will be a good source of calories during the longer runs. I plan to do a more extensive review soon.  I love using whole food options while running instead of products that are full of ingredients that I can't pronounce or have no idea what they are.

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