Monday, May 24, 2010

New Block

This week starts another 4 week block of training for me.  The first two blocks have gone fairly well, with the exception of last week.  My mileage was less than what I would have liked, my consistency not where I wanted it to be.

The next four weeks will continue to be base-building and a bit of speed, but mostly, my efforts will focus on consistency and acclimation to the heat.  I've had a bit more trouble this year adjusting and I am not sure why. 

Tonight I was able to get 6.45 miles in and felt great until mile 5.  I just felt the energy leave my body and had to walk a bit.  I was moving at a pretty nice 9:00/min pace on some hills and when I hit the bottom of the last one, I felt myself begin to sink into a funk.  I tried walking a bit and cooled off at the water fountain, but had to walk the better part of a half mile to gather up my second wind.  As I hit the home stretch, I felt better.  At some point after 5 miles, I was trying to assess what else, besides the heat and humidity could be causing this problem.  Then I remembered.  I forgot to eat today.  It was a very busy day and I hit the ground running.  I had 2 cups of coffee and a fruit and grain bar at lunch.  Not so good for calorie intake.  And not good for training.  Remembering to eat shouldn't be so difficult, as I do get hungry!  I've been relying on the Vega as my breakfast and this morning, I didn't make a smoothie as I didn't have enough left.  I did use it after my run for a recovery drink and I felt great after drinking it!  I am very impressed with this stuff!  I ordered some more last week and I am hoping that it arrives very soon. 

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