Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Christmas

This week was a very precious one to me.  Bean arrived home on Thursday evening and A arrived home for her baby shower yesterday.  We celebrated with the baby's shower, Christmas, and her birthday last night as they were heading home today and won't be back until after the grandbaby arrives. 

It was so wonderful having everyone here, together, at the same time.  In some ways in made me sad as I realized that this will probably happen less and less as my children grow and make lives of their own.  Yet with this sadness, comes great joy as we are so elated when they come "home"!  There is great joy in knowing that they are heading into the world to live their lives and seek His will for them. 

I feel so blessed  to have had this time with the family.  I don't know if this feeling of sentiment goes hand in hand with getting older, I suppose it does.  The memories will stay with me always. 


  1. Beginning is the start of the end and the end is the start of a new beginning... Or something like that.

  2. I am sure that you loved having all your babies with you. A looks so great. I know that becoming a mother was the most important even in my life. I pray that she will embrace motherhood by following the giving example you have set for her. Your next two girls are gourgous as well!!!!